About Game Audio Relevance Blog

This blog is all about providing game audio relevant links, articles, and videos in a curated and searchable means for educational and entertainment purposes.

There are many other sources for game audio related articles etc, but a “web search” does not always  turn up reliable information, so this blog specifically:

  • Provides content that is searchable using tags, with grouping based on the “tag cloud”
  • Broadcasts these links across other social media as a game audio related stream of updating information (in particular via the Twitter #GameAudio hashtag)
  • Replaces static webpages that host links but don’t  provide cross referencing, search, or tags.


and the community of people contributing relevant links to the #GameAudio hashtag on Twitter.

Interested in contributing relevant links?

Drop a mail to gameaudiorelevance [this is where you put the at thingy] gmail dot [you know the drill] com.
We will send you a custom email address for submitting links and instructions for formatting the email.

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